We Can Help You With Post-Divorce Modifications And Contempt Proceedings

Life will continue to evolve after your divorce is finalized. Sometimes, life events and issues beyond your control may affect you and your ex-spouse's ability to abide by the terms of your divorce order. We understand how overwhelming this situation can be. We offer honest guidance and personal support for individuals seeking post-divorce modifications.

At Gurtner Law, LLC, we also understand how frustrating it is when a party fails to abide by the terms of a divorce order. The best way to remedy this situation is by filing and pursuing a contempt citation for violating the terms of a court order.

An Ohio domestic relations court may modify the terms of a divorce order. The court can change an individual's required spousal support or child support obligations or the child custody arrangement. It is not easy to obtain a modification, but we can evaluate your situation and determine if you have grounds to change the terms of your divorce decree. Whatever your case requires, make sure it gets the individualized attention and dedicated expertise that it deserves.

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Personal Service For Post-Decree Modifications

If you need an order modification, the Columbus legal team at Gurtner Law, LLC, can help you pursue a fair resolution. If your existing order is no longer fair or reasonable, we can help you build a case proving the need for a modification. We can also assist you in case of relocation and the need to change parenting agreements.

There are circumstances in which a custodial parent may need additional support to provide for their children. We help Ohio parents and ex-spouses pursue their goals, even long after their divorce is final.

Contact Us For An Honest Explanation Of Your Options

We believe our clients deserve an honest assessment of their case and a clear explanation of their available options. If you think you may have grounds to seek a child support modification or changes to your custody order, call our Columbus office at 614-464-4100. You may also email Gurtner Law, LLC, to further discuss your case with a knowledgeable lawyer.