An Advocate For Your Family’s Legal Needs

Family law is one of the most personal and stressful areas of law. When your family faces difficult times, you need a caring, compassionate and, at times, aggressive attorney to successfully counsel you through your concerns. Gurtner Law, LLC, has helped many Columbus residents resolve their family's most difficult struggles and uncover a better future.

Whether you have questions about a prenup, adoption, divorce or other family law issue, Gurtner Law, LLC, can help. Making a mistake during a family law issue could jeopardize your personal and financial stability for years to come. An experienced, diligent attorney can minimize that risk and help you navigate the complex legal system. Call 614-464-4100 to discuss your case today.

Tailored Representation For Your Unique Needs

We will tailor our representation to your unique needs and case goals. Our firm will take the time to get to know you so that we can guide you toward a resolution that makes sense for your family.

Ending a marriage is often a painful and confusing decision. You may be tempted to complete the process as quickly as possible. However, this can lead to costly mistakes that you may regret. Our firm can protect your interests and ensure that every aspect of your case is thoroughly considered for your benefit. We will explain your options and their potential ramifications, whether you are seeking an annulment, legal separation, divorce or dissolution.

When children are involved, the situation may become even more delicate. Gurtner Law, LLC, understands the sensitive nature of determining custody and visitation as well as child support orders. You will have the full knowledge and personal attention of a dedicated family law attorney from start to finish.

The Knowledgeable Support You Need

It may seem that many aspects of your situation are out of your control, but choosing the right attorney is not one of them. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side can afford your case the best chance of success.

Contact our Ohio firm online or at 614-464-4100 to arrange a free phone consultation. Whether your legal issue can be resolved through negotiation or requires a solution that can only be found in a courtroom, we can provide the capable representation you need to reach your goals.