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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris agree to joint child custody

Celebrities are not generally well-known for handling complicated divorce issues with grace and dignity. However, Ohio fans of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt might have been pleasantly surprised at the seemingly cordial nature of the couple's recent split. The celebrity couple recently finalized their divorce less than a year after filing, addressing sometimes complicated topics like spousal support and child custody.

The acting duo had signed a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot, which addressed the terms of a potential divorce and laid the groundwork for moving through a split. This likely helped the couple after they filed for divorce in Dec. 2017. They cited irreconcilable differences in their filing, and both Faris and Pratt waived any rights to alimony either right now or in the future.

Are you hoping to obtain alimony from your Ohio divorce?

Ending your marriage may not have even crossed your mind a few years ago. Now, your relationship has declined so much that you wonder how you even married your spouse in the first place. Unfortunately, this type of situation can affect many people, and you may think that divorce is your next step.

While this action may suit your circumstances, it will likely work in your favor to closely consider the decision and how it could affect you. For instance, if your spouse made considerably more money than you make or if you stayed home to raise the kids and had no outside income, you may face financial difficulties after divorce. However, alimony may help.

Dealing with debt through bankruptcy

Much like an unwanted visit from family, debt is a common problem that most consumers struggle to handle. As credit card debt continues to climb, some Ohio consumers may feel as if they are facing an impossible situation. The results of a recent survey indicate that many people are in this type of situation, which bankruptcy can help address. 

The nationwide survey involved over 1,000 American consumers who had $500 or more on their credit cards. The vast majority reported feeling seriously concerned over their growing debt. This concern is having real, tangible effects on people's lives. Approximately 25 percent of respondents said their debt had a negative effect on their relationship. A third said their debt caused them to lose sleep. 

Add divorce to the list of things Millennials are destroying

Millennials have shouldered the blame for killing off -- or at least seriously wounding -- countless industries over the past several years. Now, experts say these young adults are at it again, adding the divorce industry to the list of things that they are ruining. So, why is the divorce rate so much lower for millennials in Ohio and across the rest of America? It is likely a combination of factors rather than them simply being better at marriage. 

The divorce rate for American individuals under the age of 45 fell by 18 percent between 2008 and 2016. One university professor points out the changing attitude toward marriage as one reason behind the drop. In the past, getting married was a natural consequence of becoming an adult. Now, divorce is a signal of achievement and more exclusive than it is necessary. 

The different types of child custody and visitation

The days when mom automatically got custody and dad fell into the role of passive visitor are mostly a thing of the past. Most family law courts in Ohio now recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to child custody and visitation. The most important factor in determining custody is the well-being of the child, which can lead to a few different arrangements. 

Custody is often talked about as if there is only one type. However, there are several types you should familiarize yourself with. Legal custody is about parents' rights to make decisions regarding important matters in their children's lives, such as health care, religion and education. Legal custody is often shared, although in some cases one parent might maintain full legal custody. Additionally, a parent does not have to have physical custody to also have legal custody. 

How forgetfulness may lead to bankruptcy

Most people in Ohio have experienced unpleasant moments of forgetfulness, from leaving a wallet at home to forgetting they needed to put gas in the car. But what about forgetting to pay an important bill? Although most people think it probably could not happen to them, many individuals struggle with remembering to pay their debts on time, which could ultimately push them further into debt and in need of relief through bankruptcy. 

NerdWallet conducted a survey to find out why so many adults struggle with paying their credit card bills on time. They asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults if they had ever missed a credit card due date and if so, why? Of the respondents, 56 percent who had missed a payment said they struggled to pay by the due date because they spent too much on items considered nonessential. The second most common reason for missed payments was blamed on larger debts, such as car or student loans. There was some overlap with responses, with many adults reporting multiple reasons for late payments, including those listed above as well as easier credit approval and stagnant wages. 

The decision to divorce is not one to make lightly

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but lately, you may have felt like your marriage only consists of the down moments. Where you once had love and laughter, you may now only face arguments and hostility. Unfortunately, this type of scenario affects numerous married couples.

Because you want to make the best decision for your situation, you may want to consider various aspects of divorce before coming to a conclusion on whether it suits your case. In the end, if it does seem like the most feasible route to make your life better, you have legal options available.

Does shopping addiction contribute to bankruptcy?

From just browsing to picking out the perfect item, shopping can be a fun experience. For some people, though, it can also be addictive. Shopping addiction is a real and serious affliction that affects many people, including some in Ohio who may find themselves in need of debt relief through bankruptcy. 

Personal debt is at an all-time-high in the United States. Student loans recently topped out at $1.5 trillion, and credit card debt now totals more than $1 trillion. Experts believe that all consumer debt -- including student loans, credit cards, personal loans and car loans -- will hit $4 trillion before the end of 2018. For some people, unexpected bills, medical emergencies and other financial disasters will contribute to those personal debts. For others, it will be uncontrollable spending. 

Will a budget help my post-divorce finances?

Does the average person in Ohio know how much debt they have? Although most people think they have a firm grasp on what they owe and to whom, a survey revealed that this might not be the case. Many women are hit hard by their financial situation when they file for divorce. 

Around 50 percent of women under the age of 55 told an online marketplace survey that they were faced with unknown financial information during divorce. Many had no idea that their marital debt was so large and included so many different debts, such as car loans, student loans, 401(k) loans and more. Divorcees usually have to divide these debts regardless of who took them on during the marriage, although there may be exceptions in some cases. 

Could growing personal loans contribute to future bankruptcy?

Taking out a mortgage to purchase a home or getting an auto loan for a vehicle is common practice for most Ohio consumers. But what about personal loans? Although these types of loans dropped in popularity over past decades, there has been a recent surge in consumers seeking them out. They are now the fastest growing section of debt in the United States, which could ultimately contribute to new bankruptcy filings.

If used wisely, these unsecured loans can be helpful for certain people. Some consumers realize that they can take out a personal loan at a lower interest rate than their credit cards, which is useful for debt consolidation. All borrowers have to do is pay off their credit cards with their personal loan, then repay the loan at a lower interest rate.

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