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Women increasingly responsible for post-divorce payments

Alimony and child support payments are common payments that one partner takes on after the marriage ends. Historically, Ohio men have largely shouldered this financial responsibility. However, as society continues to change, many women find themselves responsible for these payments after a divorce.

The Pew Research Center reports that mothers are either the sole or primary financial provider in about 40 percent of families in the United States. This increase in female breadwinners seems to be responsible for the 45 percent of lawyers who say they have witnessed a significant uptick in the number of female divorcees shelling out alimony. Another 54 percent note that the number of mothers responsible for child support is also on the rise.

Keep this in mind when seeking child support modifications

When an Ohio judge issued your divorce decree, it may have included orders for you to pay child support. Like most good parents, you always have your children's best interests in mind, and you were more than willing to do your part to help provide for their financial needs following your divorce. If the process leading up to a court order was challenging due to disagreements between you and your former spouse, it's understandable you'd be nervous about seeking a modification of your existing court order. 

Life is ever changing, and you definitely would not be the first parent in this or any other state to become unable to meet your current child support payments due to unforeseen circumstances. If you know your rights and understand the steps you must take to seek the court's approval for payment modification, you may be able to continue providing for your children without incurring legal penalties, which would be likely if you were to simply stop making payments. 

4 tips that can make shared parenting arrangements easier

Sharing custody of a child is not easy, especially when parents are also dealing with the breakup of their marriage.

Often, people find that it gets easier as time goes on and as parents get used to a shared parenting arrangement, but there are steps you can take proactively to alleviate some of the challenges of sharing custody.

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