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January 2019 Archives

Jeff Bezos to divorce, does not have prenuptial agreement

Before the rash of recent headlines, even the most frequent Amazon shoppers might have had no idea who the founder of the company was. Now it is hard to miss what is going on with Jeff Bezos, who is still the company's CEO. The news of his divorce has many people in Ohio wondering if they could benefit from a prenuptial agreement.

Could more debt lead to bankruptcy?

Debt is sometimes hard to avoid. Even for the most well-seasoned and responsible consumer, a bit of debt here and there can quickly snowball into something much larger. Is it all bad news, though? While consumer debt is currently rising higher than expected, it is unclear how it might affect future bankruptcy filings.

What are the benefits of dissolution?

Ending a marriage does not have to be a messy, contentious affair. In fact, many Ohio couples hope to remain on friendly terms, whether for their children or simply because they appreciate each other's friendship. Although popular media often portrays couples battling it out over property, support payments and other matters, you can reach the same results -- ending your marriage -- through dissolution. 

How can I make child custody and visitation easier?

Starting a new life in the new year can be exhilarating for some people in Ohio, but not for everyone. As recently or soon-to-be divorced parents try to get used to their new normal, making sure their child custody and visitation schedules work well is essential. In some cases, this means putting in a little extra effort outside the confines of the custody agreement.

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