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Child-related issues that may prompt legal problems in divorce

Your children's well-being is your highest priority. Like most good parents, you're willing to do whatever is necessary to help them stay healthy and achieve their full potentials in life. You understand that life is not always happy; in fact, your kids might suffer many disappointments as they grow to adulthood. If you're preparing for divorce, it's a good idea to research ways to help your children cope so they can adapt to their new lifestyle in as healthy a manner as possible.

There are several issues that may affect your kids as you and your spouse take the necessary steps to end your marriage in court. These issues, as well as numerous others, may wind up causing legal complications in your settlement process, especially if you and your co-parent disagree on what is best for your children.

Divorce can cause financial problems

As you transition from a dual-parent household to single-parent living, you will no doubt encounter challenges regarding finances. Women and children, especially, are at risk for financial distress when divorce occurs. It is critical that you and your co-parent are able to compromise regarding financial matters, especially child support. If you're unable to resolve your differences, you can seek the court's intervention.

Relocation or other daily life changes

Will your kids be able to attend their same school after your divorce? Will you be relocating? What about sports or other extracurricular activities that involve fees? Successful co-parenting plans typically address such issues. The more detail your agreement contains, the easier it will be to avoid financial or legal problems. 

Your children's capacity to cope

If you have several children, they will likely react to your divorce in their own unique ways. You may find that one child seems to adapt more easily than another. Many children suffer depression, anger issues or other mental health problems when their parents divorce. Licensed counseling might help, but such support is often quite expensive. In addition to the financial aspects, you'll also want to discuss legal custody plans -- that is, which parent will have decision-making authority in matters of health, education, religion or medical issues.

Keeping children's best interests in mind

The Ohio family law court always has children's best interests in mind when making decisions regarding child custody, visitation, child support or other divorce-related issues. The judge overseeing your case will decide or approve your co-parenting plan according to your individual circumstances and your children's needs. Many parents find it helpful to rely on experienced legal representation when trying to overcome a particular obstacle in custody or support proceedings.

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