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How business owners can protect themselves in property division

Entrepreneurs and business owners in Ohio are usually thinking two, three or even four steps ahead. These business-savvy individuals understand how important foresight and preparing for various events can be, but some may be hesitant to bring that prowess into a certain area of their life -- marriage. While planning for a possible divorce might feel counterintuitive to even the most experienced business owner, addressing things like property division ahead of time can protect both personal and business interests.

What are the benefits of dissolution?

Ending a marriage does not have to be a messy, contentious affair. In fact, many Ohio couples hope to remain on friendly terms, whether for their children or simply because they appreciate each other's friendship. Although popular media often portrays couples battling it out over property, support payments and other matters, you can reach the same results -- ending your marriage -- through dissolution. 

Will I have to give up my dog during property division?

Whether couples carefully selected a breeder and the pick of the litter or went down to their local animal shelter to bring home a pet on the short list for euthanasia, there is little denying how much pets mean to their owners. Unfortunately, this deep love of pets complicates divorce. In fact, many divorcing couples in Ohio are surprised to learn that their animals are handled during property division and not in a process similar to child custody.

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