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Are personal loans an alternative to bankruptcy?

Personal loans are nothing new, but they are experiencing a surge in popularity among Ohio consumers. The growing popularity might be in part because, unlike other types of loans that must be used for specific purchases, personal loans have a wider range of applications. Debt management -- usually in an effort to avoid bankruptcy -- is just one such use.

Bankruptcy may help individuals who feel overwhelmed

When struggling with financial issues, many Ohio residents may feel alone. They can see their family members and friends having the ability to buy new items, go out to dinner or go on trips, and they are struggling just to meet daily needs. However, individuals in this type of situation are hardly alone, as numerous people face money issues, and many find help through bankruptcy.

Could more debt lead to bankruptcy?

Debt is sometimes hard to avoid. Even for the most well-seasoned and responsible consumer, a bit of debt here and there can quickly snowball into something much larger. Is it all bad news, though? While consumer debt is currently rising higher than expected, it is unclear how it might affect future bankruptcy filings.

Is bankruptcy the solution to revolving debt?

Revolving debt is when a person carries a balance from one month over into the next. This type of debt can be incredibly difficult to get rid of as ongoing balances tend to accrue interest, which leads to larger and larger balances. When revolving balances -- particularly those related to credit card debt -- become too much, bankruptcy might be a solid financial option for some people in Ohio.

Experts predict a student loan crisis. Could bankruptcy help?

Young college students often have no choice but to take out student loans in order to pursue their educational goals. As most people in Ohio already know, these loans are no small matter. As tuition rates seem to climb higher and higher by the year, some borrowers may choose to pursue bankruptcy when faced with seemingly insurmountable debts.

Dealing with debt through bankruptcy

Much like an unwanted visit from family, debt is a common problem that most consumers struggle to handle. As credit card debt continues to climb, some Ohio consumers may feel as if they are facing an impossible situation. The results of a recent survey indicate that many people are in this type of situation, which bankruptcy can help address. 

How forgetfulness may lead to bankruptcy

Most people in Ohio have experienced unpleasant moments of forgetfulness, from leaving a wallet at home to forgetting they needed to put gas in the car. But what about forgetting to pay an important bill? Although most people think it probably could not happen to them, many individuals struggle with remembering to pay their debts on time, which could ultimately push them further into debt and in need of relief through bankruptcy. 

Does shopping addiction contribute to bankruptcy?

From just browsing to picking out the perfect item, shopping can be a fun experience. For some people, though, it can also be addictive. Shopping addiction is a real and serious affliction that affects many people, including some in Ohio who may find themselves in need of debt relief through bankruptcy. 

Could growing personal loans contribute to future bankruptcy?

Taking out a mortgage to purchase a home or getting an auto loan for a vehicle is common practice for most Ohio consumers. But what about personal loans? Although these types of loans dropped in popularity over past decades, there has been a recent surge in consumers seeking them out. They are now the fastest growing section of debt in the United States, which could ultimately contribute to new bankruptcy filings.

Waiting to file bankruptcy? You may need to rethink your plans

Most people in Ohio spend much of their lives waiting for that big break around the corner -- that new job, a well-earned raise or the promotion they never even applied for. For those facing the potential of bankruptcy the hope of a big break can lull them into false certainty that better times are soon ahead, even if all evidence points to the contrary. When facing insurmountable debts, these breaks rarely -- if ever -- come, and debtors often end up in even worse financial straits.

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